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Every couple has a story untold and your wedding is the perfect opportunity to share it!

Outdoor weddings are popular, and as long as you have a plan should the weather turn, then why not say your vows outside?  Think traditionally beautiful,  with your choice of sentimental readings, family or religious traditions, and even modern twists!
There are so many exciting symbolic rituals out there which can add yet more meaning to your ceremony. Alternatively, we can get creative and design you your own special elements that are completely bespoke and personalised to you.

Vow Renewal

Whether you’ve been married for one month or fifty years, a vow renewal ceremony is the most romantic way to  just want to say to the world “we still love each other!” and gather all of your loved ones around you for a celebration. 
Think a beautiful, yet captivating ceremony with your choice of favourite memories maybe from your original wedding day or stories from past adventures, sentimental readings or songs, or even a new tradition!
You can even involve your offspring and new friends, or in-laws and recent acquaintances as well
There are lots of symbolic rituals out there too which can add yet more personality and meaning to your ceremony. Alternatively, we can get creative and design you your own special elements that are completely bespoke and personalised to you


A  Naming Ceremony is the non-religious equivalent of a christening, offering a meaningful way to welcome your child into the world and tells their story in a truly magical way. 

These ceremonies are without restrictions on content, format, or indeed style, and they are completely unique to you
But naming ceremonies are not just for little ones. I also offer them for older children and even whole families who may have blended together and want to celebrate the delightful merging of their stories too!

Going from a couple to a family is a big step,  so this offers opportunity  to thank those that have supported the journey . We can talk about parenthood, and supporting family members, and then acknowledge the other important people in their life  to make their promises.
And there are oodles of symbolic rituals to add another layer of significance to this special occasion. Or, we can get inventive and create entirely bespoke elements that are as unique as your baby.

Bespoke event

You can have your ceremony where and when you want.
Celebrate any life event you choose uniting two families or maybe a retirement are great reasons to celebrate. Whatever you choose it is unique to you as you shape the content , the format and the specialness of your day.

Every precious moment becomes a precious memory.

Hello, my name is Karen , and I am a Family Celebrant creating ceremonies for your Wedding , Vow Renewal , Intimate Naming and Bespoke Events.

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I was born in Norwich in Norfolk, moved for my Nurse training and now live in Farnham Surrey with my Husband. 

 We met at a party in the nurse’s accommodation at the hospital where I trained. We have been together a long time, have raised two beautiful children, both of whom have now left home and have had lots of fun and happy times together on our family journey. 

My professional background has been for the past 40 years spent working in the NHS.  I have met some of the most humbling of people and experienced the very best and worst there is. There have also been a whole range of emotions on the way.  

In essence ….

I am a very social person.

I love to bake, kneading bread is just the best thing, it’s so cathartic and a great stress buster.  It’s so rewarding watching a loaf puff into life.

Being outside in my garden is another , although I confess to being a bit of a fair-weather gardener but love to nurture my plants into flower. It just makes me smile,  I adore  little bunches of fresh flowers in the house all the year round.   

My greatest passion though has to be musical theatre , I love it and  ,along with watching live music is without doubt my favourite of experiences. As a family we have grown together listening to music and especially love the Rolling Stones, but I will listen to most genres of music from a bit of disco through to opera. I have an eclectic playlist so can guide you through some options for your day.

My colour palette is Spring. Blue and orange are my favourite colours and I love liquorice allsorts.

I love the adventure of travel be it to Greece, here in the UK or somewhere else in the world. Getting the flight to Athens, once with a rucksack but now a case but still as adventurous, and not knowing where we might end up, is part of the excitement. Its unique, spontaneous and so much fun. All the qualities of a bespoke ceremony journey.

My journey to being a celebrant came a few years ago, when I attended the wedding of a friend’s daughter. The uniqueness, compassion and creativity from the celebrant inspired me that day. Pushed along by friends I started the online course but something called the pandemic got in the way and having to focus on a few other pretty important things I was sadly forced to stop. 

Several years later I reignited the passion  and I am now delighted to have completed my training. 

I am hugely empathetic, caring supportive and thoughtful , qualities from the experiences gained in my professional and personal life. 

I am confident at connecting with people on a personal level, making every  element of your ceremony a unique and cherished experience. I am calm and can support you to feel safe but excited about your ceremony leaving lasting memories for you to treasure.

Whether it’s crafting a heartfelt ceremony script or navigating unexpected moments with ease, I take pride in being a celebrant who not only celebrates love but also contributes to the joyous energy that fills the air on such a significant occasion.

Whether it’s a wedding, recommitting vows or an intimate naming ceremony, I want to hear all of your ideas – no matter how big or small they may seem – and help make them into a reality. 

After an initial conversation to make sure you’re happy with my approach, we’ll get working together . 

On the day, you can leave that everything to me, as I’ll lead your ceremony with heart and humour which means you can relax and enjoy!

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